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Humboldt Cannabis Photographers

Humboldt County

Cannabis photography, videography and drone

for the Humboldt County Cannabis industry. 

Helping local Humboldt County cannabis farmers, dispensaries, and Humboldt-made cannabis products elevate their marketing content. 

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If you’re looking to elevate your cannabis business marketing content in fresh and creative ways, looking for help with your cannabis social media content creation, or need quality cannabis product photography.. We are happy you found us! 

Cannabis Photographers is a two-shooter,  cannabis photography, videography and drone team based in Humboldt County and Los Angeles. We specialize in a fresh take on THC and CBD cannabis product photography, cannabis macro photography, cannabis event coverage and cannabis set styling for all things cannabis, weed, pre-rolls, flower, concentrates, dabs, edibles , and everything 420 friendly.

cannabis product photographers in humboldt
Cannabis Photograhers About

Cannabis Marketing Content Services

Let us take care of your creative content needs
so you can focus on what you truly love to grow.

Schedule a consultation with cannabis marketing content creators,

Cannabis Photographers: Photography, Videography and Drone,

where we will:

  •  Get to know each other and discuss your cannabis business and marketing plans.

  •  Discuss how we can elevate your content and help you reach your business goals.

  •  Find a content package that fits your budget and your goals. 

Cannabis Photographers Services 


Cannabis Product Photography & Cannabis Lifestyle Content 

Send your consumer-end cannabis products to our studio for full-service creative production including conceptualization, art direction, set styling, props, photography, and post production editing.

Lifestyle photography and videography is tailored to your business branding. We will cast for models, scout locations, build a professional creative team, design moodboards and shot lists to keep everyone on the same page and stress-free. 

almora pre-roll joints product photography photoshoot
cannabis drone photography and cannabis drone videography in California

Cannabis Videography & Cannabis Drone Coverage

Our expert videographers and drone operators specialize in showcasing the diverse facets of the cannabis industry, from cultivation to consumption.


Whether you're a cannabis dispensary, cannabis industry professional, cannabis cultivator, or a cannabis business, our services offers a perspective that goes beyond traditional videography. Elevate your content with stunning aerial views, creative lifestyle videos, close-up shots of cannabis cultivation, and engaging footage of cannabis-related events. Embrace the high possibilities of visual storytelling with cannabis videography & drone coverage – where creativity meets the cannabis revolution!

Cannabis Brand Storytelling

Invite Cannabis Photographers to your location and we’ll craft a story that gives context to who you are, what you do, and how you work. Brand photography, videography and drone showcases your team, your company mission, environmental workspace, company culture, and products. 

THC dab concentrate product photography
Artifical Intelligence (AI) cannabis marketing content

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cannabis Marketing Content  

Step into the future of Cannabis Marketing with our groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cannabis Content Creation services. Harness the power of advanced algorithms to craft compelling marketing content that resonates with your target audience. Our AI-driven tools analyze industry trends, consumer preferences, and market dynamics to generate tailor-made content that captures the essence of your cannabis brand. From engaging social media posts to informative blog articles, let AI seamlessly blend creativity with data-driven insights for a marketing strategy that stands out. Embrace the efficiency and innovation that AI brings to Cannabis Marketing Content Creation, and elevate your brand presence in the ever-evolving cannabis landscape.


  • Cannabis product photography

  • Macro cannabis photography

  • Cannabis lifestyle photography

  • Cannabis event photography 

  • Cannabis marketing content photography

  • Cannabis publication and press portraits

  • Cannabis product and lifestyle photography


  • Cannabis social media reel content creation.

  • Cannabis product videography

  • Cannabis lifestyle videography 

  • Cannabis event videography 

  • Cannabis marketing content videography 

  • Cannabis industry video interviews 

  • Cannabis product and lifestyle cinemagraphs


  • Cannabis event drone coverage

  • Aerial photography and videography of cannabis farms

  • Aerial photography and videography of cannabis dispensaries.

  • Adding a unique perspective to promotional photos and videos while enhancing the overall visual appeal.

  • Cannabis social media content creation 

THC cannabis flower macro photograph
Almora Pre-roll cannabis weed product photography
Focl Full Spectrum CBD THC Cannabis Gummies Product Photography

How Can Your Cannabis Business Benefit from Professional Photography, Videography and Drone?

When it comes to promoting your cannabis company, one of the most indispensable elements is professional cannabis photography and videography. The goal of every cannabis marketing campaign should be to bring more foot traffic into dispensary locations that will lead to overall higher sales from cannabis farm to cannabis dispensary.  There's no better way to do that than with high quality images that showcase the cannabis products and flower you have to offer in the best possible light.

Local to Humboldt County, California, The Cannabis Photographers have worked passionately in the cannabis industry. Our team of experienced photographers understand the steep competition faced by cannabis farms and dispensaries in this fast growing market, and our photography and videography reflects our deep knowledge of the plant, the cultivators, and consumers that make this industry so special.


Whether it's premium cannabis product photography, cannabis social media content creation for your website or social media, macro cannabis photography, cannabis drone photography and videography,  attractive premises photos, editorial lifestyle photography and videography with models and your products, or magazine quality pics of your staff and owners, our passion for creating impactful images that will help you grow your brand will immediately shine through.

As Humboldt Cannabis Photographers, Videographers and Drone Pilots,
We Believe:

In the medicinal power of cannabis 

Your cannabis is a work of art and we treat it that way!

In working collaboratively with your clients to bring their marketing visions to life

In creating for premium quality  cannabis companies.

In creating fresh, creative photography, videography and drone work that elevates your business. 

As Humboldt Cannabis Photographers, Videographers and Drone Pilots,
We Believe:

Helping and supporting local Humboldt Cannabis businesses reach their marketing and content goals.

In the medicinal power of cannabis. 

Your cannabis is a work of art and we treat it that way!

In working collaboratively with your clients to bring their marketing visions to life.

In creating for premium quality  cannabis companies.

In creating fresh, creative photography, videography and drone work that elevates your business. 

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Humboldt Cannabis photographers videographers and drone pilots in humboldt county
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The Erin and Jake
Cannabis Photography Experience

We are involved in every aspect of the planning and execution of your cannabis photo, video and drone shoots. We will help plan your cannabis product photoshoot, your drone farm fly, scout locations, plan your cannabis lifestyle photoshoots by creating mood boards and booking models. We will create targeted reel and social media content creation for your dispensary, cannabis product line or cannabis farm by getting to know you and your business to highlight what sets you apart from your competition. 


We are here to guide you through the entire process, every step of the way... to guarantee a stress-free cannabis content session.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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